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black hole space misc page

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post things for discussion/reading/thought etc




Question posed to Terri Smith.

Q: Can we remove or replace the light switch on the Black Hole Space?

A: Yes.


Mechanical team:

Please make two prototypes: one for a rolodex, one for a film strip.

We will test these both out in class.




Notes for image curation, taken during our initial meeting about the selected project proposal. 


  • Should the images vary in resolution and process: out of focus, pixelated, xerox, various processes?
  • Should the paper quality vary? photo paper, newsprint, digital papers?
  • If working with film strip, should the images be printed on a roll of film?


Notes for overall concept, taken during our initial meeting about the selected project proposal.


  • Who is our audience? Why?
  • What assumptions are being made about our audience?
  • We should question our assumptions about mall space and consider how it is used by different social groups and classes.
  • As a social space, has “the mall” changed over time, and what does this mean for our project?
  • In society, what is the changing status of free time, and of leisure time?
  • What is the status of privatized common space versus public space?
  • How has the internet age changed mall space? A market space is also a social space.
  • A social critique with an anti-consumerism stance could be too narrowly focused of a project.
  • It is in the interest of the team to make a work that adds something to the space of the mall. Our project should be engaging, interactive, and fun for participants.



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