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links about cyborgs or bodies and technology

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or posthumanism or science, technology & nature i guess

(from emily but plz add)



anti-advertising agency's portable motion-activated sound boxes

"Dodge began collecting portable cd players from online auctions and various electronic components at supply wharehouses. With these parts he hacked into the cd players and salvaged speaker systems adding new circuits and a motion detector. These components were then installed in custom made shells.

"These Anti-Advertising Portable Sound Units are tamper-resistant and operate independent of external power. They are designed to be installed in public spaces where passers-by will set off the unit’s motion detector and trigger the cd player.


this weird website where you can send emails to your future self


media art net's article on "monstrous bodies" (by yvonne volkart; relates to donna haraway)


i am still sort of confused about this website (cyber arts web) but with some perusal it looks promising


be a nice little posthuman on twitter


sweatshop on secondlife (created by some fellows [or ex-fellows, i can't remember] at eyebeam)


spit parties: rich people in new york cracking their dna code before they have kids together so they don't have mutant children


female robots that are way creepy in how human-like they look


stelarc's ear-arm


flesh machine (free book) from critical art ensemble


weird cardboard animal trophies



game, 2007, by netherlands-based anne devries


some scientists mapped the internet


WOOO LOOK HERE (artist ara peterson)


mouse coat at moma had to be euthanized

larger project that this "victimless leather" piece came out of


this exhibit that i always liked at Mass MoCA about animals and technology, like animal cyborgs


make a baby (electronic music project from luke fishbeck of lucky dragons & sumi-ink club & glaciers of nice)

"Here we use homemade hardware and software to initiate, monitor, and meaningfully interpret the transfer of data through skin contact between multiple people."


chatting with a google streetview driver 


stainless steel soap--- bodies in 2008 are weird & need stainless steel soap to remove their odors, apparently


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