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original proposal text

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Ms. Smith:

We are one group from Kristin Lucas's Sculpture II class at Bard College. Here is our grand proposal:

We want to make a machine inside the box which is like an olde-tyme-flip-book-wheel. The switch on the outside of the box would control a motor inside which would rotate pictures on a wheel/track. The pictures would be utopic images of puppies, diamonds, or maybe the countryside, and also some dollar bills. We're pretty flexible about that. There would be lights shining on the picture which are also controlled by the switch. We want to install it in the Kingston Mall, between the Target & Best Buy/Dick's Sporting Goods hallway. It is pretty gross there, with depressing stores like the Deb and kiosks about, like, third party cellphones. You can check out a floorplan here. So we want to create this weird utopic/carnivalistic box-of-wonderment that will contrast with the hallway and middle-america-consumption. We were trying to propose something feasible, and we think this has a pretty reasonable time frame and is pretty doable.  In our class proposal, someone suggested also potentially making the pictures on the wheel rotate like a slot machine, so when someone flipped the switch (or even inserted a coin, furthering this idea of malls/coin exchange like in those candy vending machines/consumption) the pictures would flip around on the track and land randomly on one photo, providing a different experience for each switch-flipper.

Attached is a drawing of the mechanism inside the box.


Yvonne, Bob, and Emily

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