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ART 206   Sculpture II

Course Number 98402

Instructor: Kristin Lucas

Email: lucas@bard.edu

Office hour: Thursdays 8-9am by appointment, Fisher Annex


This workshop and critique-based course will explore three dimensional use of digital technologies. It will cover the use of microcontrollers to sense the world, control motors and other devices, and create interactivity.  These skills will allow participants in the class to try their hands at basic electronics, physical computing or interactive installations. The emphasis will be on cheap hardware, free software, fast development and an all out effort to demystify technology.  Enrollment will be limited.  There are no technical pre-requisites for this class, but students should be sufficiently proficient in some media that they can integrate the technology into. 


We will primarily be using breadboards and Arduino Diecimilia boards to carry out short turnaround assignments and a final project. Hands-on coursework will be supplemented with readings by artists, poets and theorists on electronic art, synesthesia, and artificial intelligence followed by in-class discussion. Short presentations on digital art will be covered during class time. Students will be required to keep a sketchbook of ideas and notes, and to post regularly on a course wiki. There will be a short one-page writing assignment and a written proposal for a final project.


Because of the size of our class and the goal to cover a vast amount of material over fifteen week, an emphasis will be put on peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing.


In-class tutorials on integrating components:

Breadboards and LEDs

Reading schematics


Introduction to Arduino Diecimilia

Switches, buttons


Potentiometers, Sliders, Variable Resistors



Integrated Circuits

Piezos, Speakers


Two field trips

P&T Surplus in Kingston, NY

Wave Farm in Acra, NY


Guest artists

Loud Objects (unconfirmed)


Required materials

a sketchbook

a computer

parts and materials for projects in excess of what is supplied in assigned electronics kits are the responsibility of the student



One absence and one excused absence are allowed. Keep in mind that we move fast in this class, therefore it is easy to fall behind. 

Two or more unexcused absences and a deduction of half of a grade will be made to final grade.


Assignments cannot be handed in late. Time is precious.



33% participation

33% assignments

33% final project


Download  Syllabus F08.pdf


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